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Welcome Friends

I am Michelle Thompson, Mixed Media Palette Knife Artist. It's great to have you here, browsing my online studio.

Folks ask me all the time - how did I learn to paint? I am self-taught, but I don't take all the credit, by any means!


First and foremost, I am the daughter of the King, and I believe He is the creator of all things, so naturally we all have a creative side whether we realize it or not.

Second, many amazing creatives have shared their techniques throughout the years via online videos, or what-have-you, and I've been blessed to glean some ideas and make them my own.

Lastly, it's all about being brave enough to just try new things and not get upset if it doesn't work out right-away, or go exactly as envisioned, afterall, it is only canvas, paint and other things that aren't going to end the world if  I have to start over, or try again!

Being a self-taught artist is all about courage.  I create pieces that come from my heart and mean something to me, in my own unique style. Then, I place those pieces online & at art shows for the world to see, and hope someone connects with it as much as I did when creating it. 

I love positive , fun, off-beat & encouraging images & sentiments. I'm very whimsical in my style and color choices. There's no rhyme or reason to what I will create next - it all depends on whatever drops in my heart ~ that's what comes out.

Thank you for being here, for supporting my art life & for just being YOU!

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